Our Product Lines
At S&H Kitchen we strive on offering the best brands and materials to ensure top quality in all aspects of your kitchen design.

We offer a wide range of Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom cabinetry. In case you do not know the difference between them, here is a simple breakdown:

Stock cabinetry is pre-manufactured in specific sizes, colors, and finishes. The sizes usually are in increments of 3 inches, and customization of the product all depends on the choices that the manufacturer might offer. This is a more affordable choice that offers high quality materials, but as mentioned, a lack of customization.


Semi-Custom is similar to stock, in the sense that they are pre-manufactured, however you can find these in a much larger range of colors, sizes, and other customizable specs. This means although you are purchasing pre-manufactured cabinets, they are still tailored to your needs.

Custom cabinetries are built to the client’s complete specifications. That means the size, color, wood grade, and finish are completely done to fit perfectly into the project at hand, giving you limitless possibilities in your kitchen design.